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WARNING!. A lot of webs are been hacked


The cyberattack suffered Friday by Telefonica and other Spanish companies has been “indiscriminate”, has affected other countries like the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Ukraine, Russia or Turkey, and is “especially virulent” as it combines “malware” with a Propagation system that uses a vulnerability detected at Microsoft.

S21sec executive director Agustín Muñoz-Grandes, a Spanish company specializing in cybersecurity, says the preliminary results of the cyber attack suffered by the Spanish company on Friday and could have affected other entities.

‘Ransomware’, in this case a variation of the so-called ‘Wannacry’, is a type of virus that installs itself on a computer, ‘encrypts and hijacks’ all its files, then requests a bitcoin rescue, A virtual currency that can not be traced, he explains.

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